About Us

Carolina Custom Laser & Engraving was founded in 2016 with the desire to bring a product to market quicker and for less cost to he consumer. In just a short time, we have expanded into a laser engraving job shop offering C02 laser services. Our laser system can mark virtually any material: metal, wood, acrylic and many other surfaces. From custom logos to bar codes to serial numbers to decorative scrip, we provide top-quailty work and strive to provide the best customer experience possible. Please give a call or send us an email and we will be happy to discuss your needs.


Metals Mark Cut
Anodized Aluminum Yes No
Bare Metals Yes No
Brass Yes No
Bronze Yes No
Coated Metals Yes No
Copper Yes No
Enameled Metals Yes No
Nickel Yes No
Painted Metals Yes No
Stainless Steel Yes No
Steel Yes No
Titanium Yes No
Plastics & Foam Engrave Cut
Acrylic Yes Yes
Corian® Yes Yes
Delrin®(POM) Yes Yes
Fiberglass No No
Lexan® No No
Melamine Yes Yes
Mylar® (PET) Yes Yes
Neopren® Yes Yes
Nylon Yes Yes
Plexiglas®(PMMA) Yes Yes
Polyester Yes Yes
Polyethylene (PE) Yes Yes
Polypropylene (PP) Yes Yes
PolyStyrene Foam No No
Polypropylene (PP) Yes Yes
Polyurethane (PUR) Yes Yes
Rubber Yes Yes
Teflon® (PTFE) Yes Yes
Vinyl No Yes
Non-Metallic Minerals Engrave Cut
Ceramic Yes No
Clay (Including Bricks) Yes No
Glass Yes No
Granite Yes No
Marble Yes No
Slate Yes No
Stone Yes No
Tile Yes No
Organic & Other Materials Engrave Cut
Bone Yes Yes
Carbon Fiber No No
Cardboard Yes Yes
Cork Yes Yes
Fabrics & Cloth Yes Yes
Fiberboard Yes Yes
Leather Yes Yes
Matte Board Yes Yes
Paper Yes Yes
Pressboard Yes Yes
Wood Yes Yes
Wood Veneer Yes Yes